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My Daughter's 5th Birthday

It feels like yesterday that I was holding my now 5 year old daughter as a baby. She is my first typical child, and I am always in awe of her development. As the only child that speaks in our household, with two little sisters and an older special needs sibling, we are grateful for her maturity and kindness.

Two weeks ago we celebrated her 5th birthday at Build-a-Bear in the Del Amo Mall. I was determined to give her an amazing party that would allow her to enjoy her friends. Build a-Bear allows children to enjoy the opportunity to receive, but in turn give, because each of their friends receives a bear. The children were able to interact and participate under the leadership of the great staff that led the party.

All Parties Include:

  • A Party Leader (5 guests or more)
  • A special Heart Ceremony
  • Name tag stickers
  • Bear ear party hats
  • Photo props for taking memorable party photos
  • A Bear

Birthday Parties Include:

  • Party games and fun activities
  • Free invitations and thank you notes (printable online)
  • A plush, light-up cupcake keepsake for the Birthday Guest of Honor!

Another amazing part of the party that made it effortless, was eating at a local restaurant in the mall, which allowed for a convenient place to walk. After building their bear, we walked through the mall and to the restaurant Brio, where the kids enjoyed a great brunch while the parents were also able to enjoy their meal.

I am convinced that her birthday will be one to remember, and I am grateful that we were able to celebrate it locally.

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